Eifelsteig hiking bus 2024

Eifelsteig Hiking Bus 2024

You are particularly environmentally friendly and thus sustainable in the Nordeifel when you travel with the hiking buses. Some routes are active all year round, while additional hiking buses operate from March 29th to November 1st, 2024. Some of these buses run daily, others only on weekends, holidays, or bridging days.

Using these tourist lines opens up completely new possibilities for designing your hikes. You have practically free choice in planning your excursion. Whether short, medium, or long, there are tours for every taste, and returning home is easier than ever before. You can individually determine the starting and ending points of your hike and at the same time flexibly adjust your route by boarding one of the hiking buses along the way or by using the further offerings of the region’s public transportation, including the cycling and hiking train stations in the Nordeifel.

Timetables and further information: www.eifelsteig.de/aktuelles/neuigkeiten/eifelsteig-wanderbus

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