Flood disaster - Important information for guests

Dear guests,

You have all been looking forward to the long-awaited Eifel holiday and are wondering whether it is currently possible to travel there safely? This can be clearly answered in the affirmative for the majority of the Eifel, including ours. In the meantime, a first overview shows that large parts of the region have been spared. Our thoughts are with all the people affected by the disaster.

As your hosts in the Eifel, we look forward to welcoming you to our hotel.

A functioning infrastructure, open excursion destinations, hotels and restaurants as well as accessible tourist destinations are available in large parts of the Eifel and can be used without restriction. Of course, for safety reasons, we are currently checking all areas where the storms have caused damage to cycle paths and hiking trails. All efforts are being made to repair them.

Many interesting tourist destinations have not been affected, such as Eltz Castle, Vogelsang IP and many museums and exhibitions, or the maars in the Volcanic Eifel, Laacher See, Genoveva Castle in Mayen and the Dinopark in the Felsenland Südeifel. And look forward to your visit.

Please contact us and we will give you information on how to get there and on the leisure and sightseeing opportunities in the Eifel.

The railway infrastructure has been severely damaged and cannot be used until further notice, a rail replacement service has been set up to tide you over:

Mercier-Krämer family

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